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In for a bit of light reading? From business ownership to dog ownership (yup we write about that too), find the topics you're interested in with just a couple clicks. 


All Work and No Play

Managing your own business has its perks. You’re the boss. The master of your own domain. The buck stops with you. It’s exhilarating... But also exhausting. So, like placing your own air mask before assisting others, it’s important to take care of YOU and find a healthy work/life balance. ...


House Woof Home

Fun fact – 33% of Millennial home buyers said their home buying decision was influenced by their dog or the desire to own a dog. 33%! In the same study by SunTrust Bank, some of the other influencing factors were more living space (66%) and wanting to build equity (36%)....


No Job, No Paycheck, Same Identity

Before you let the panic completely overwhelm you, consider letting someone who can give you a solid set of options look over your financial situation. It can be tough to get your bearings when your thoughts are running a million miles a minute, and having someone show you what directions...

Personal Finance

No Stupid Questions, No Stupid Answers

You and I would probably agree that no one can be an expert at everything in the world, and everyone looks to an expert for help or advice at some point in their lives. Yeah, you could turn to Google for an answer, and the internet is great for finding...

Personal Finance

Sweatpants Welcome

Who knows where it started, but there’s a misconception that putting on a suit will make you more likely to get a loan. Movies show this all the time! Someone is in desperate need of cash, so they put on their Sunday best and head to the bank (or credit...

Personal Finance

That's a Whole Lot of... VALUE

If getting up every morning and hitting Starbucks on your way to work is important to you, then do it. If building a race car is your dream, and that’s what motivates you to go to work every day, then go for it. It boils down to what you personally...


The More You Know: Mortgages

When you hear the word “mortgage,” what sort of reaction do you have? For most people, it's panic or distraught. Me though? I love ‘em! That, however, is because I get to work with them every day. Well, I should say, I get to work with the people who work...


Let Your Inner Voice Out

Mental health is not talked about enough, it is something that is not voiced or expressed. When Capital Credit Union decided to partner with mental health organizations, we knew that we wanted to start the conversation about mental health and mental illness. We wanted to remove the stigma and encourage...

Personal Finance

Who's Really in Charge?

Somewhere, we lost sight of who is doing whom a favor. Financial institutions make money on interest… it’s their bread and butter. If you have average to good credit, you are doing them the favor, not the other way around. You have the right to ask questions and try to...


You Might be Getting Catfished

If you don’t know what it means to be catfished, then you’ve probably never had it happen to you - which is good news. Getting catfished means someone has created a fake profile on one or more social media platforms or internet chat groups, filled in all the details to...



Even if you don’t follow the news or subscribe to a nifty podcast for your worldly updates, you have likely felt changes happening within your wallet. The chicken you’ve been ordering through the pick-up app at your local grocery store may have been your first tip. Some of our essentials...


Paint it Pink

The truth is, you can go almost anywhere and find a checking account that will work for you. Some are fancier than others, and some have less fees than others, but overall… the financial institutions pretty much leveled the playing field in the checking account game. ...


Avoiding the Holiday Hangover

Ah, the holiday season. As soon as Thanksgiving ends you can’t go anywhere without hearing the familiar sound of classic carols and smelling a faint pine scent wafting from some undisclosed location. Is it a pine scented candle, or is it a real pine tree? Nobody knows and nobody cares...


The Reason We Should

Like so many in our community, our employees have stressed over getting sick at work. They’ve faced branch closings due to COVID cases, covered other locations to keep them open, watched co-workers struggle with COVID recovery, and quarantined when exposed to protect others. So, with gratitude and appreciation for all...

Online Services

Virtual Sunshine Welcome

We believe in making the most out of each day and recognize that dealing with your finances, or coming into a branch, is often times the least exciting thing in your day. That doesn’t have to be the case, and we’re working on new ways to connect with you, as...


We're a Lot Like Fruitcake

We know the holiday season of 2020 will be unlike anything we have experienced before. Whether you are visiting people or not, stress levels will be high. It will come with new questions: Should I get presents for Grandpa? Can we visit our aunt in Minnesota? Will I be allowed...



There’s no doubt that broke jokes are pretty funny. It’s not uncommon to see jokes like these, laugh, and keep scrolling without putting much thought into it. Maybe you see one and think “I can relate.” A lot of times, though, they’re the kind of funny that makes you laugh...