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Pickleball paddles and ball.

Pickleball in Retirement

Staying Active in RetirementOver the last couple of years doctors have made clear the benefits of regular physical activity, especially for older adults. In fact, adults 65 and older gain substantial health benefits from regular physical activity. Being physically active can increase mobility, lessen the chance of injury, and lead...

Retired couple enjoying the weather outside.

Retirement Seen Through Your Eyes

How do you picture your future? Some see retirement as a time to start a new career. Others see it as a time to travel. Still others plan to spend more time with family and friends. With that in mind, here are some things to consider. ...

couple and their two kids standing outside of a two story home with beautiful green landscape.

Harness Your Home’s Value: Home Equity Loans Explained

Unlock the potential of your home equity with this comprehensive guide on home equity loans, tailored to help you make informed financial decisions. ...

Couple sitting down with a financial member service representative to open up a banking account.
Personal Finance

5 Reasons to Choose a Wisconsin Credit Union for Your Banking Needs

Discover why choosing a Wisconsin credit union can offer community-focused, low-cost banking solutions that benefit both members and their communities. ...

Person logging in to a mobile banking app.

2024 Guide to Cyber Security in Banking: Protecting Your Financial Data

Learn about cyber threats and scams that can endanger your finances and explore essential strategies for cyber security in banking to protect your financial data. ...

teen on computer

Starting A Roth IRA For A Teen

This early financial decision could prove helpful over time. Want to give your child or grandchild a financial head start? A Roth IRA might be a choice to consider. Read on to learn more about how doing this may benefit both of you. ...

dog rolling over

What's So Great About A Rollover?

Making a career move requires tough decisions, not the least of which is what to do with the funds in your retirement plan. ...

Person holding phone and looking at laptop screen.

Are There High-Interest Checking Accounts?

Making money from your checking account is an idea that most people can get behind. We could all use a little extra money in the bank, and while standard checking accounts can sometimes offer you a small percentage of interest back on your balance, there may be other options available...

family on vacation trying to zip a overpacked suitcase.

5 Tips for Saving for a Large Expense

If you want to save money for a big expenditure, don’t let it intimidate you. Often, when people sit down and calculate exactly how much they need to save, they end up shying away from the plan since it seems out of reach. But we’re here to share with the...

Couple choosing out a color for their walls.
Personal Finance

How Can I Use a Capital CU Personal Loan?

Personal loans are a great way to achieve financial goals faster. Rather than slowly building up enough savings before pursuing your goals, be proactive with Capital CU personal loans. Apply for a personal loan to cover unexpected emergencies without stressing over where the money will come from or begin living...

Lady with glasses on a yellow couch, browsing her laptop for savings options.
Personal Finance

Financial Wellness Starts Here: Explore Our Savings Options

At Capital Credit Union, we want our members to have the best possible financial future. We know how hard northeast Wisconsin residents work for their money. That’s why we offer a number of options, from traditional savings accounts to share certificates to HSAs, to help you save the most and...

A woman and her dog in a red car.

How To Get the Best Auto Loan Rates in Wisconsin

Discover how to secure the best auto loan rates in Wisconsin. Save on your vehicle purchase and start driving with confidence when you partner with a credit union. ...

happy couple budgeting.
Personal Finance

Master Your Money: Tips for Living on a Budget

Determined to master your money in the new year? Smart idea! Staying on top of your finances begins with living within your means, which means you’ll need to create a budget and stick to it. Luckily for you, Capital Credit Union is here to help. We’ll show you how to...

Man with glasses looking at digital banking app on his iPad.

What You Can Do to Better Protect Yourself from Fraud

Scams are on the rise this tax season. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve received some sort of fraudulent communication recently. Whether it was an “iffy” text message, a phone call you weren’t expecting, or a questionable email – scams are more prevalent than ever. ...

Lady sitting by her wrecked car with her hand on her head.

What Is the Capital CU Auto Loan Auto Deductible Reimbursement Option?

Want to get moving on your vehicle purchase and ensure you’re protected in case the unexpected happens? Capital Credit Union is your answer. Not only do Capital CU auto loans have great rates, but they also come with the option for auto deductible reimbursement. Read on to learn what auto...

Elder couple high fiving eachother.

Earning More With Less Risk: The Benefits of Certificates

Having a savings plan is important for reaching your financial goals. What are you saving for? How can you maximize your savings to reach these goals sooner? You’ve worked hard for your money; now it’s time your money works hard for you. ...

Women sitting by moving boxes sipping on coffee.

What Is Private Mortgage Insurance?

What is private mortgage insurance? It is insurance that protects lenders when borrowers pay less than 20 percent down on a home. ...

Couple comparing mortgage rates on laptop.

Comparing Interest Rates and Terms: How to Secure the Best Home Loan Deal

Are you getting ready to buy a home? A mortgage is a major financial decision, but when you have the right tools, you can feel confident about the choices you make. So, before you start home loan shopping, figure out your priorities and do your research, and you’ll set yourself...

Lady on her laptop.

How To Open a Checking Account Online

Discover the simple steps for opening a checking account online, and explore expert tips so you can find the best checking account for you. Get started today! ...

Child brushing paint on her moms nose.

How To Find the Best Home Equity Loan Rates in Wisconsin

Discover how to find the best home equity loan rates in Wisconsin with our comprehensive guide. Compare rates, assess your financial situation, and secure a great deal. ...

Woman smiling in drivers seat of her car taking the keys

Avoid Common Mistakes: How To Compare Wisconsin Auto Loan Offers

There is a lot to consider when comparing Wisconsin auto loan rates and offers. Explore the dos and don’ts so you can find the best deal for your new vehicle. ...

friends watching the Super Bowl game.
Personal Finance

How to Host a Super Bowl Party on a Budget

Keys to hosting a Super Bowl Party on a budget: Don’t get too extravagant with the food options. Decorations are fun, but don’t go over the top. Plan ahead, make a budget and stick to it. Potluck style is a good option for everyone to contribute a little. ...

Happy women sitting on the couch, looking at laptop

Earn More With a High-Interest Checking Account – Start Now!

You can save more with a high-interest checking account and reach your financial goals sooner. You work hard for your money, and a checking account is a great way to keep that money in reserve for easy access and day-to-day spending. However, what if your checking account could also earn...

Man and women high fiving.

Refinancing Your Way to Savings: Maximizing Benefits of Home Loan Refinance

Saving money is the best way to set yourself up for financial success. If you own a home, you may be wondering how to maximize the benefits of a home loan refinance. Lucky for you, helping our members save money is one of our favorite things to do. Capital Credit...

Person putting coin into emergency savings coin jar, with a calculator in the background.

Emergency Funds 101: Why You Need a Savings Account

Maybe your car won’t start. Or the electricity goes out, requiring you to replace all the food in your refrigerator. Emergency funds can help with that. But first, you’ll have to build up those funds. It’s simple: just set up a traditional savings account and add to the balance regularly....

Man looking at a sheet, happy and surprised.
Personal Finance

Maximize Savings With Certificates: Your Complete Guide

You have many options when it comes to home loan refinances. Discover what you need to know when it comes to leveraging the benefits of refinancing your home loan. ...

Two girl friends at a store, looking at phone.
Personal Finance

24 Ways to Save in 2024

Even if saving isn’t one of your New Year’s resolutions, I think we can all benefit from taking a look at our spending habits. No, I’m not going to tell you to stop buying your $5 caramel macchiato every morning, because if it makes you happy and keeps you going...

Couple smiling, holding keys to new home.

Your Path to Homeownership: A Guide to Different Home Loan Options

There’s more than one way for you to reach your goal of homeownership. Explore the different home loan options available to you in northeast Wisconsin. ...

Man holding keys to new car with fist pump.

Where Is the Best Place to Get a Car Loan?

Consider the different types of car loans, the pros and cons of each, and ultimately, which options might be the best place to get a car loan for you. ...

Lady with glasses looking at laptop and holding two sheets of paper.
Personal Finance

Checking vs. Savings Accounts: Understanding the Differences and Benefits

When setting up your finances with a credit union, you will need to consider which account type will best suit your needs. The two most common types of accounts are checking accounts and savings accounts. While both accounts are ways to store your money, each has its own benefits and...

Handing money.

How Does the Cha Ching Checking Account Compare to a High-Interest Savings Account?

Explore the advantages of a high-interest savings account in Wisconsin and compare it to the Cha Ching checking account. Achieve your savings goals without taking risks. ...

A young lady holding her phone and credit card sitting in front of a Christmas tree in a holiday sweater.
Personal Finance

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Budgeting and Online Shopping Security

'Tis the season of joy, celebration, and generosity! As we start embracing the holiday spirit, surrounded by festive ads and tempting deals, it's important to find balance between enjoying the festivities and being mindful of our finances. After all, no one wants to start the new year with unnecessary financial...

Elder couple outside of vacation home.

How To Use a Home Equity Loan to Buy a Second Home

If you’re in the market to buy a second home, you may be wondering how to finance the down payment if you’re not selling your current home. You may have built up equity in your existing home, for instance, but your cash reserves are a little low. If this sounds...

paper home on desk with person using calculator and writing in the back.

When Is a Good Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?

Unlock the benefits of mortgage refinance loans with expert advice on when to refinance your mortgage. Learn about the ideal timing and opportunities to save money. ...

An image of someone putting a debit card into an ATM.

How to Protect Yourself From Skimmers

Though easy and convenient, ATMs have become a common place for criminals to steal your information through skimming devices, which can turn one simple errand into a nightmare. Despite how deceiving they may be, there are still ways to catch a skimmer. ...

Young women holding her car keys sitting in the driver side of her new silver car.

5 Insider Tips for First-Time Car Buyers

It’s exciting to buy your first car and finally have the independence to travel where you want to go and not depend on public transportation. Buying a new car is a big investment, so you want to do it right. That means more than just finding the right car; you...

Lady looking at her phone with excitement.

What Will You Do With a Capital Cha Ching Checking Account This Year?

Opening a checking account is the first step toward successfully managing your finances. Learn how the Cha Ching Checking account can help you do more with your money. ...

Couple with a moving box, unpacking at new home.

How To Qualify for a First-Time Home Buyer Loan in Wisconsin

Few people have the cash on hand to purchase their first house outright. That’s why you have the option of qualifying for a first-time home buyer loan in Wisconsin. Learn more. ...

Middle aged man and woman looking at account comparisons on paper and laptop.

Credit Union Money Market Account vs. Regular Savings Account

Saving your money is one of the best ways to feel financially empowered. If you have an emergency pop up unexpectedly, you can breathe easier knowing you have money saved to cover the cost. But when it comes to saving your money, does a credit union money market account or...

Lady holding credit card and looking at laptop screen.

How Do I Open a Checking Account at a Credit Union?

Most people choose to store their money in a financial institution, rather than keeping it all at home. It’s both safer and more productive. You have some options when choosing a financial institution where you can open a savings or checking account, but many people choose to bank with a...

Happy Couple Smiling, next to a tree,  outside of a blue house.

Are you Ready to Buy a Home?

There are a few key factors to consider when deciding if it’s time to buy a home. Discover if you are ready to make the purchase with a northeast Wisconsin home loan. ...

Homeowner and dog by his work station.

5 Home Improvements to Make With a Home Equity Loan

Making improvements to a home is something many homeowners dream of doing and finding the money to do so is easier than you think. Large expenses like home improvements are made a reality for people when they choose to tap into their home equity. Home equity loans often come with...

Man in plaid shirt counting money.

How Much Money Should I Keep in My Checking Account?

Have you ever wondered how much money you should keep in your checking account? We can help you figure that out. The team at Capital Credit Union helps members open and manage their checking accounts in Wisconsin every day. We’ll share some tips for knowing how much money to keep...

Puppy in car looking out the window.

Should I Auto Finance With a Credit Union or Dealership?

Discover a world of options with Capital CU auto finance. Get low rates, convenience, and protection whether you choose credit union or dealership financing. ...

Happy couple and golden retriever inside of a new home with boxes surrounding them.
Personal Finance

Credit Unions Have the Best Home Loan Rates in Northeast Wisconsin

A home is likely to be one of the most exciting purchases you’ll ever make. It’s also likely to be one of your largest investments. So why not try to save as much money as possible on your home loan purchase? ...

Women counting cash from the register.
Personal Finance

How To Choose the Best Wisconsin Credit Union for Your Banking Needs

Looking for the perfect Wisconsin credit union? Discover how to make the right choice for your financial needs. Explore savings, loans, investments, and more. ...

Lady in glasses holding credit card and looking browsing digital banking app her phone

What’s So Special About the Capital Cha Ching Account?

As kids, we all loved the sound of shiny new coins being dropped into our piggy banks. Cha Ching! Knowing that we had a little something to spend on candy or for a bigger toy or a special event, if we were saving up, gave us a sense of pride...

Lady smiling in new car.

Is It Better to Get an Auto Loan With a Private Lender?

Discover whether a private lender is right for your next auto loan or if there is a better option, such as a Capital auto loan from Capital Credit Union. ...

Man sitting in his new car holding the keys.

5 Benefits of a Credit Union Auto Loan

A credit union auto loan is often the most cost-effective loan choice, as credit unions offer lower interest rates and fees and added benefits for members. ...

man in a red shirt looking at phone and credit card

You Might be Getting Catfished

If you don’t know what it means to be catfished then you’ve probably never had it happen to you - which is good news. Getting catfished means someone created a fake profile on one or more social media platforms or dating apps and filled in all the details to convince...

couple and blueprint.

5 Tips for Finding the Best HELOC Rates in Wisconsin

HELOCs allow homeowners to access the equity they’ve built up in their homes. Check out our expert tips for securing the best HELOC rates in Wisconsin. ...

couple budgeting
Personal Finance

How to Create a Monthly Budget

To have a handle on your cash flow, you need to know how much money you have coming in and going out. Learn more about budgeting from your local Wisconsin credit union. ...

Couple on laptop.

What Are My Options for Capital Credit Union Checking Accounts?

Having a Capital checking account comes with knowing your money is securely stored and insured and the benefits of an account that is member centered. Learn more. ...

couple shaking hands with a man in suit.
Personal Finance

5 Reasons to Open an Account With a Credit Union in Northeast Wisconsin

Credit unions offer countless benefits and resources to members. Explore the benefits of opening an account with a credit union in northeast Wisconsin instead of a bank. ...

older coupe giving each other a high five.

What Can I Do With a Home Equity Loan in Northeast Wisconsin?

With a home equity loan in Wisconsin, you can finance a loan with lower interest rates and use that money however you need. Explore how this works. ...

couple in front of a new car holding keys.

How Do You Find a Great Auto Loan in Northeast Wisconsin?

When shopping for a new car, start by researching financing. Explore different lenders and auto loan rates in Wisconsin so you can find the best rate. Learn more. ...

College graduate holding diploma.

What Bonuses Come With the Capital Cha Ching Checking Account?

If you’re in the market for a new checking account, you’ll be impressed when you learn more about the Cha Ching checking account and its bonus options. ...

Woman in her home playing with her dog

Buying with Paws in Mind

From building equity, to having a place to make your own, or even finding space to bond with your furry friends. There are plenty of reasons we desire to buy a home. You may value being close to a park or avoiding an HOA. We consider many different factors when...

Male and female looking at paper

Your Deposits Remain Safe and Insured

Recent events within the financial industry can make us think about our financial institution's stability. Capital Credit Union is financially sound! ...

Woman in santa hat holding her smartphone and credit card

Season of Spending

“Gotta hurry to the sale!” No, you don’t. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) may cause you to feel a sense of urgency, a need to immediately respond to the “BIG SALE!” as you prepare for the holidays. But if my email inbox is any indication, there will be another one...

Middle aged female business owner opening door to her shop

All Work and No Play

Managing your own business has its perks. You’re the boss. The master of your own domain. The buck stops with you. It’s exhilarating... But also exhausting. So, like placing your own air mask before assisting others, it’s important to take care of YOU and find a healthy work/life balance. ...

Two middle aged men giving each other a friendly and  supportive hug

No Job, No Paycheck, Same Identity

Before you let the panic completely overwhelm you, consider letting someone who can give you a solid set of options look over your financial situation. It can be tough to get your bearings when your thoughts are running a million miles a minute, and having someone show you what directions...

Two middle aged women shaking hands and chatting with a smile
Personal Finance

No Stupid Questions, No Stupid Answers

You and I would probably agree that no one can be an expert at everything in the world, and everyone looks to an expert for help or advice at some point in their lives. Yeah, you could turn to Google for an answer, and the internet is great for finding...

Young mother in sunglasses pushing a baby stroller in her sweatpants and casual wear outside
Personal Finance

Sweatpants Welcome

Who knows where it started, but there’s a misconception that putting on a suit will make you more likely to get a loan. Movies show this all the time! Someone is in desperate need of cash, so they put on their Sunday best and head to the bank (or credit...

Middle aged mother and father hold their son's hands swinging him playfully as they go to the beach
Personal Finance

That's a Whole Lot of... VALUE

If getting up every morning and hitting Starbucks on your way to work is important to you, then do it. If building a race car is your dream, and that’s what motivates you to go to work every day, then go for it. It boils down to what you personally...

Middle aged mother rubbing noses with giggling daughter at the kitchen table at home

The More You Know: Mortgages

When you hear the word “mortgage,” what sort of reaction do you have? For most people, it's panic or distraught. Me though? I love ‘em! That, however, is because I get to work with them every day. Well, I should say, I get to work with the people who work...

Young woman engaging in a conversation over her cellphone as she holds a pen in the other hand
Personal Finance

Who's Really in Charge?

Somewhere, we lost sight of who is doing whom a favor. Financial institutions make money on interest… it’s their bread and butter. If you have average to good credit, you are doing them the favor, not the other way around. You have the right to ask questions and try to...

Young smiling woman fueling her car at the gas pump


Even if you don’t follow the news or subscribe to a nifty podcast for your worldly updates, you have likely felt changes happening within your wallet. The chicken you’ve been ordering through the pick-up app at your local grocery store may have been your first tip. Some of our essentials...

Three young women posing for a group photo with a valentines day themed prop

Paint it Pink

The truth is, you can go almost anywhere and find a checking account that will work for you. Some are fancier than others, and some have less fees than others, but overall… the financial institutions pretty much leveled the playing field in the checking account game. ...

Middle aged man giving wife a small box wrapped in red ribbon containing an expensive holiday gift

Avoiding the Holiday Hangover

Ah, the holiday season. As soon as Thanksgiving ends you can’t go anywhere without hearing the familiar sound of classic carols and smelling a faint pine scent wafting from some undisclosed location. Is it a pine scented candle, or is it a real pine tree? Nobody knows and nobody cares...

Young woman peacefully relaxing at home and breathing deeply with a mug of soothing tea

The Reason We Should

Like so many in our community, our employees have stressed over getting sick at work. They’ve faced branch closings due to COVID cases, covered other locations to keep them open, watched co-workers struggle with COVID recovery, and quarantined when exposed to protect others. So, with gratitude and appreciation for all...

Young man talking on a cellphone with a smile while looking at documents on his desk
Online Services

Virtual Sunshine Welcome

We believe in making the most out of each day and recognize that dealing with your finances, or coming into a branch, is often times the least exciting thing in your day. That doesn’t have to be the case, and we’re working on new ways to connect with you, as...

Middle aged woman opening oven door in her kitchen to check on what she's baking

We're a Lot Like Fruitcake

We know the holiday season of 2020 will be unlike anything we have experienced before. Whether you are visiting people or not, stress levels will be high. It will come with new questions: Should I get presents for Grandpa? Can we visit our aunt in Minnesota? Will I be allowed...

Person eating cup ramen at desk in front of laptop


There’s no doubt that broke jokes are pretty funny. It’s not uncommon to see jokes like these, laugh, and keep scrolling without putting much thought into it. Maybe you see one and think “I can relate.” A lot of times, though, they’re the kind of funny that makes you laugh...