What is Enhanced Login Security?

This is the process used to allow access to only the correct member. This form of authentication, effectively deters fraudulent users from accessing your account. During the Online Banking login process, Enhanced Login Security will determine if the current computer/browser has been authorized by you to access your account online. If the computer/browser is not an authorized computer, Online Banking will prompt you for a one time passcode and ask you to confirm your identity the first time you connect from a new device by sending you an access code by email, text or a phone call. 

 Why is Enhanced Login Security required?
In January 2012, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), the regulators overseeing banks and credit unions, communicated that passwords and challenge questions alone will no longer be acceptable as the sole means of achieving online security. Enhanced Multifactor Authentication (Enhanced Login Security) was the recommended solution.

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