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Personal Loans

You want options that are flexible yet affordable. Personal and secured loan options from Capital Credit Union allow you to borrow the money you need, when you need it.  The low-rate and personalized support throughout the process  will allow you to have confidence that your financial needs are met and endless possibilities exist.

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Signature Loans

Your signature equals a promise to pay. Get the money you want with an unsecured loan without listing any of your belongings as collateral. Your credit history, along with your John Hancock, seals the deal.

Signature loans can also be a great way to get your finances back on track when you consolidate debt to eliminate multiple payments and possibly save money in the long run.  

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KWIK Cash Line of Credit

A line of credit gives you peace of mind that you'll have money when you need it...and maybe when you want it too.

A Kwik Cash Line of Credit is like a credit card without the card. Draw from your Kwik Cash at any time with a simple online transfer, phone call, or by stopping in a branch. Only pay interest on what you use!
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Savings-Secured Loans

Financial dreams start with goals and guidance.  Improve your credit or start building credit all while getting the money you need to get on the path to financial security. 

Use your savings to secure a loan, make payments until the loan is paid in full, and then your savings is available for you to use, all while building your credit score and financial position.

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Vehicle Loans

Get the vehicle that fits your lifestyle.

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Credit Cards

A convenient way to pay.
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Student Loans

Because college is expensive.