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Financial Statements

Assets, liabilities, equity, etc. It's all just fancy terminology for how we're doing as a credit union. If you're one of those really "interested" types, feel free to give us a call and we'll connect you with one of our number gurus.

Financial statement as of August 31, 2023

Assets Figures
Net Loans $1,986,629,124
Investments  $289,001,757
Fixed Assets $24,904,588
Other Assets $84,137,538

Liabilities & Equity Figures
Shares & Deposits $2,086,418,840
Other Liabilities $29,385,265
Reserves $268,868,902

Other Income & Expenses Figures
Interest Income, Loans $57,035,750
Interest Income, Investments $15,310,254
Interest Expense, Deposits ($27,921,134)
Net Interest Margin $44,424,870
Non-Interest Income $14,603,928
Operating Expenses $45,533,462
Non-Operating (Income)/Expense ($207,545)
Net Earnings $13,702,881

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Annual Report

The 2022 Capital Credit Union Annual Report showcases a year filled with remarkable achievements and inspiring growth that captures the essence of our mission of Doing the Right Thing. We thank all of our members and community partners for making 2022 the success it was.