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Woman playing with her dog on the floor

Buying with Paws in Mind

From building equity, to having a place to make your own, or even finding space to bond with your furry friends. There are plenty of reasons we desire to buy a home. You may value being close to a park or avoiding an HOA. We consider many different factors when finding that right home. So, let me ask you… what emotions or desires are top of mind when looking for your dream home?
For some… it may be the love of their pets! In a survey conducted by, nearly 95% of pet owners said their pet’s needs were important when shopping for a new place to call home. As of 2023, nearly 60% of Wisconsinites are pet owners and 34% are dog owners. Due to dog restrictions in many rentals throughout Northeast Wisconsin, it’s probably no surprise that many Millennials and older Gen Zers are looking to buy their first home with their dogs in mind.
Truly, there are a lot of things to consider when buying a home, but I think it’s important to start by acknowledging your own priorities (i.e. your pets).
Here’s an example from my own experience. When I purchased my first home, I fell into that 95% that was browsing with my pets in mind. I wanted a yard for my dog (and future dogs) to play in, I wanted space for my cat to get away when he wanted time to himself, and I wanted storage for all the things I’d spoil them with. Sure, my wish list had a bunch of other things on it too, like big windows for enough natural light and at least 1 ½ bathrooms because I knew I’d be starting off with some roommates.
If you’ve purchased a home or have at least started looking, you understand that finding the perfect home in your price range isn’t always possible. Strangely enough, I lucked out. I purchased my first home back in 2019 and it met all my pets’ needs (and mine). Of course, our needs have changed over the years and it’s definitely not “perfect,” but I have an even better idea of what I want in a home next time around.
Most of our budgets aren’t limitless, so deciding what’s really important to you or your family (pets included) can guide the way. You don’t need to check off all the boxes right away, because chances are... new checkboxes will come later. Find a home that has the potential and make it your own. In the end, wherever my pets are is where I call home. <3

Dog outside sitting in harness
Cat sitting outside in harness

Pictured are the beloved four-legged friends that helped influence my home purchase. Stevie, a heeler mix, and Quill, an old gray tabby cat.
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