Construction home.

Construction and Lot Loans

Are you looking to buy a lot or build your dream home? Our mortgage experts are here to help walk you through the process. Contact us today to get started.

Construction loans

  • Single close for the construction and your mortgage with our portfolio products
  • Rate locked at the start of construction with our portfolio products
  • Local Servicing
  • Construction period of up to 9 months with interest only payments during that time
  • Lot purchase can be included in construction loan or if the lot is already owned, equity can be used towards the down payment
Couple walking in construction built home.

Lot loans

  • Financing options available to purchase vacant lots for future construction as well as for recreational purposes


Thick green beautiful lawn open lot.

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Tips for Choosing a Contractor
Building or buying  is a big investment.
Gather as much information as possible before signing a contract. 

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