Marketing Team, game day parking.

Game Day Parking

Capital Credit Union is built on traditions. One of those traditions takes place right near the heart of Green Bay! For over 15 years, we've taken advantage of our convenient location (and rather significant lot size) and parked cars at our Morris Avenue branch during home games and special events. Our space offers:
  • $20 parking
  • Porta-potties on site
  • Space for tailgate activities
  • And close proximity to the stadium  
Not only is Morris Avenue a great place to tailgate, but all the money we raise goes towards local organizations! So come on out, tailgate with us, and support a great cause. 


While you're cheering for your favorite team, your parking space is rooting for an area non-profit. The non-profits selected change every now and again, but each one is a winner in our playbook. With your help, and a little bit of green and gold elbow grease, we're making our community better and we think that's the perfect game plan.

Tailgating with us?

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