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Loans that are relevant for your life...

One size fits all may work when it comes to leggings, but it's not nearly the perfect fit you need when applying for a loan. Most places pull your credit score and make a decision. We're different. We look at who you are, your circumstances, and even your character. We talk about things that are relevant to you, because you're more than a number.

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that's right for you.



It's called a signature loan for a reason. We trust that you'll pay us back without holding any of your belongings as collateral, and you give us your John Hancock to seal the deal. 

Looking to consolidate  some debt? 
Debt consolidation loans, which could also be signature loans, can be a great way to get your finances back on track! You could eliminate multiple payments and possibly save more in the long run. Don't just take our word for it. Google it and learn more about the pros and cons. 


You can build almost anything with Legos, but they can't build your credit. Use your savings to secure a loan, make payments until the loan is paid in full, then get the savings back - all while beefing up your credit score. 


It's like a wellspring of money you can draw from when you need it...and maybe when you want it, too. Draw from your Kwik Cash at any time, and only pay interest on what you take out.