All Work and No Play

Managing your own business has its perks. You’re the boss. The master of your own domain. The buck stops with you. It’s exhilarating…. and exhausting. So like placing your own air mask before assisting others, it’s important to take care of YOU and find a healthy work/life balance.

Set your priorities

Before the week begins, take some time to make a list of things you really want to accomplish. Keeping the list short forces you to really make choices about what you want to get done.

Establish work boundaries

Protecting yourself from feeling chained to the office 24/7 might feel irresponsible, especially in business where it seems everyone else answers emails at all hours of the night. But reasonable boundaries are OK. Decide that you are going to leave the office by a certain time or you’re not going to check email after another time. Commit to those two promises and you’ll feel a difference.

Build in downtime

Begin by identifying the days with the greatest number of obligations, and look to see where you can find a 30-minute window to reset. During this downtime enjoy a trip outside to smell the fresh air or actually eat lunch sitting down.

It’s easy to get lost in the swirl of success you’ve worked so hard to achieve, but to remain a visionary, it’s critical to keep a clear mind.