Debit Cards

A direct line to checking whenever you need it.

A debit card is a constant connector with your checking account. Making a quick grocery run and don't have cash? (Because really, who carries cash anymore?) Use your debit card at the register, and the purchase will come straight from checking. 

Use your debit card for:
  • In store purchases where Visa® is accepted
  • Getting cash at an ATM
  • Online purchases (Ok, you can do this, but for security reasons we recommend using Visa SRC with your debit card or using a credit card instead.)

Get your card instantly at any of our branch locations

Any of our branches can print a debit card for you the same day you open your account. 

Forgot your PIN?

If you forgot your PIN on our debit or ATM card, you can call for
1-800-992-3808 for assistance. 


The think-less way to save

Ever wish saving would be automatic? BOOM. It can be. ChangeUP automatically rounds your debit purchases to the next dollar. At the end of the day, all the change from debit purchases that have cleared your account get totaled and deposited in a savings account of your choice. If you use your debit card fairly regularly, those savings can really add up!


You go to the gas station in the morning and pay $35.02 to fill up. (+0.98)
Then later you grab lunch at your favorite cafe for $12.64. (+0.36)
On your way home from work you swing by the store for some last minute items and spend $25.75. (+0.25) 
At the end of the day, ChangeUP transfers $1.59 to savings. (Assuming all of the purchases have cleared your account.)
If every day were like today, you could save $11.13 that week, or $578.76 for the year. A little saving can go a long way!


You'll need a Relevant Checking account to use ChangeUp. 
  • Already have Relevant Checking? Fill out a sign up form and we'll get it processed for you.
  • Don't have Relevant Checking? Apply online or stop into any branch and we'll help you out.   


Keep tabs on your debit card

Managing your debit card just got a whole lot easier! CardValet allows you to turn your debit card on and off, set alerts based on your specific preferences, and report your card lost or stolen right within Online Banking. It's one more tool to help protect yourself against fraud anytime, anywhere. 
  • Protect yourself
    Get mobile alerts whenever your card is used
  • Track Card Use 
    Review card usage history and transaction details
  • Set Limits 
    Set customized purchase controls to help manage spending
You will need Online Banking or Mobile Banking to enroll for CardValet.  Disclosures provided upon service enrollment.

Visa SRC

Click, pay , and be on your way

The new Visa SRC makes online purchases with your debit card a lot easier, and a heck of a lot safer, too. It only takes one click at checkout to pay anywhere that shows the Visa SRC logo. Nifty.

Enroll in Visa SRC

Already signed up for Visa Checkout? No worries, existing users will have access to the Visa cards you already stored. No need to re-sign up and do everything again. 

Sign in to Visa src

Visa SRC logo

Online buying is evolving so you can pay with fewer clicks. Wherever you see this icon and Visa is accepted, paying online with your Visa debit card is:
  • Easy: You no longer have to enter 16-digit primary account numbers, look up passwords, or fill out long forms to make a purchase
  • Smart: You'll enjoy the same time-saving digital checkout everywhere you see this icon.
  • Click to pay with Visa when you see this icon Visa SRC logowhere Visa is accepted.