Debit Cards

A direct line to checking whenever you need it.
A debit card is a constant connector with your checking account. Making a quick grocery run and don't have cash? (Because really, how many people carry cash anymore?) Use your debit card at the register and the purchase will come straight from checking. 
Use your debit card for:
  • In store purchases where Visa® is accepted
  • Getting cash at an ATM
  • Online purchases (Ok, you can do this, but for security reasons we recommend using Visa Checkout with your debit card or just using a credit card instead.)


The think-less way to save
Ever wish saving would be automatic? BOOM. It can be. ChangeUP automatically rounds your debit purchases to the next dollar. At the end of the day, all the change from debit purchases that have cleared your account get totaled and deposited in a savings account of your choice. If you use your debit card fairly regularly, those savings can really add up!


You go to the gas station in the morning and pay $35.02 to fill up. (+0.98)
Then later you grab lunch at your favorite cafe for $12.64. (+0.36)
On your way home from work you swing by the store for some last minute items and spend $25.75. (+0.25) 
At the end of the day, ChangeUP transfers $1.59 to savings. (Assuming all of the purchases have cleared your account.)
If every day were like today, you could save $11.13 that week, or $578.76 for the year. A little saving can go a long way!


You'll need a Relevant Checking account to use ChangeUp. 
  • Already have Relevant Checking? Fill out a sign up form and we'll get it processed for you.
  • Don't have Relevant Checking? Apply online or stop into any branch and we'll help you out.