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Member Updates


Less cash, more fun. Brilliant!

Discounts on gate tickets , parking tickets and ride-attraction tickets using the link above.

(Opens in a new window)Regular gate ticket price: 
Adults $15.50
Children $12.50
Discounted gate ticket price: 
Adults $9.50
Children $7.50


All old credit cards have been deactivated as of Monday, September 24, 2018.
Your new credit card was mailed to you in the last few weeks. If you know where it is, great! Now is the time to activate it. If you've misplaced your card or have not received it, a new one can be ordered and sent your way. You can call Elan™ Financial Services directly:
Personal Credit Card: 1-800-558-3424
Business Credit Card: 1-866-552-8855

So, which one is the new card?

Your old credit card will have an ATIRA logo on the front.
Your new card will look similar, but only the Capital logo will be on the front. The back of your card will also have Elan Financial Services in the small print. (We've added a photo of a new card for your reference.)

  • Your old card was deactivated on September 24, 2018
  • Your credit limit is the same as your old card
  • Your card number is different, so make sure to update it where necessary
  • Your reward points will be transferred to your new card
  • Making a payment on your new card is a little different than it used to be
  • Any automatic payments (gym membership, phone bill, utility bill, etc.) will not transfer so you'll need to update:
    • Card information with any existing automatic payments
    • Contact service providers with your new Elan™ card information
    • Bill Pay through online banking 

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