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What Bonuses Come With the Capital Cha Ching Checking Account?

 If you’re in the market for a new checking account, you’ll be impressed when you learn more about the Cha Ching checking account and its bonus options. 

Shopping around for the perfect checking account can be exciting. With a little research, you’ll learn that there are checking account options like the Cha Ching checking account at Capital Credit Union that can offer you a variety of awesome bonuses. These incentives can make opening a checking account worthwhile and put your money in the hands of people you can trust.

Banking with a credit union can provide an unmatched quality of customer service that you can rely on. Your membership will also give you access to some of the other helpful financial tools that credit unions offer. Opening a checking account is just the beginning of your potential financial possibilities with Capital Credit Union, and it’s definitely an exciting option to start with.

If you’re in the market for a new checking account, you’ll be impressed when you learn more about the Cha Ching checking account and its bonus options.

What Is the Cha Ching Checking Account?

Keeping your money in a safe place is essential, which is why many people opt to sign up for a checking account with a credit union. While many checking accounts have similarities, they’re definitely not created equal. Some checking accounts simply hold on to your money for you, while others can offer you some great incentives in the process.

The Cha Ching checking account is one of the most popular checking account options at Capital Credit Union, and for good reason. The benefits and bonuses that come with them are enticing, and the earning potential is one of the most competitive you’ll find. One of the most popular Cha Ching bonuses is the possibility to start earning high interest as soon as you open your account. But that’s not all.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits that come with the Cha Ching checking account. Below are some of the most popular Cha Ching bonus features that you will automatically enjoy.

Nationwide ATM Fee Refunds

Learning about the high fees associated with withdrawing from an ATM can be discouraging, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right checking account, you won’t have to stick to withdrawing from your credit union’s ATMs to avoid those fees.

You never know where you’ll be when you need to get cash out, which is why Capital Credit Union offers nationwide ATM fee refunds of up to $15. This can help you avoid those inconvenient fees you’ll receive when you take money out from other institutions’ ATMs. It also makes your money more accessible no matter where you are and saves you money in the process.

Minimum Opening Deposit of $1

There shouldn’t be a bunch of roadblocks standing in your way when you try to open a checking account. Capital Credit Union makes it easy to sign up for the Cha Ching checking account by making the minimum deposit simple to attain. Just $1 will make you eligible to open this unique checking account option and start earning you interest as soon as possible.

Digital Banking

While you always have the option of visiting a Capital Credit Union branch to do your banking, you now also have the option of saving yourself the trip. You can have access to your finances anywhere, anytime with digital banking. This option includes eStatements, online bill pay, and more, no matter where you are. All you need to access digital banking is a mobile device, laptop, or tablet that has access to the internet.

No Monthly Service Fee

Some financial institutions charge their members a monthly fee just for having an account, but you won’t find those unnecessary charges at Capital Credit Union. When you open a Cha Ching checking account, you’ll have the added bonus of no monthly service fees. Plus, there are no minimum balance requirements.

Optional Overdraft Protection

Few people plan to overdraft their accounts, but it still happens to the best of us. At Capital Credit Union, we understand that these things happen sometimes, which is why we offer the option to include overdraft protection on your Cha Ching checking account. With this option, you can protect yourself just in case you overdraft your account and save yourself any extra charges for doing so.

Loan Rate Discounts

When you hold a Cha Ching checking account, you are eligible to receive benefits such as a loan rate discount. This could come in handy when you’re in the market to buy or refinance a house or take out a personal or auto loan.

How Do You Qualify?

Qualifying for the Cha Ching checking account is easier than ever before. Once you become a member of Capital Credit Union and sign up for the Cha Ching checking account, there are just three simple steps to qualify for these amazing rates.

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to sign up to receive free eStatements. This will allow all of your bank statements to be sent to you electronically as opposed to in the mail. The free eStatements option at Capital Credit Union will allow the credit union to help the environment a little by saving tons of unnecessary paper. You’ll still have access to all the information on your statement, and you’ll have the convenience of being able to access it from your computer or mobile device.
  2. Another thing you’ll need to do to qualify for the Cha Ching checking account is to have one ACH direct deposit of at least $400 post per month. An ACH post is an electronic fund transfer made between backs and credit unions and is very simple to complete. Just be sure to have this deposit cleared before the end of each month to continue earning your APY.
  3. Lastly, you’ll need to have 12 debit card purchase transactions of at least $5 per month.

When you make your Cha Ching checking account card your main way of paying for things, you’ll find that this qualification is easy to accomplish. And even if you don’t qualify for one month, you’ll find comfort in knowing that you can get back to earning the highest rate and all of your ATM refunds the very next cycle for which you do qualify.

Ready to start taking advantage of the Cha Ching bonus options? Become a member at Capital Credit Union and open your account today. We’re waiting to help you achieve your financial goals.

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