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What Are My Options for Capital Credit Union Checking Accounts?

Having a Capital checking account comes with knowing your money is securely stored and insured and the benefits of an account that is member centered. Learn more.

Opening a checking account is an important step in setting yourself up for financial success. The security of having your money safely stored and insured creates peace of mind. You won’t get that by stashing money in a drawer or somewhere “safe” in your home, where it isn’t insured and can be stolen or even destroyed. Your assets will be gone forever if a natural disaster or fire takes out your hard-earned savings.

Having a Capital checking account comes with both the confidence of knowing your money is securely stored and insured and the benefits of an account that is member-centered. You’ll be able to earn interest on your money, use online banking features, have a debit card, and more. Opening a Capital checking account is quick, easy, and worth every minute spent on the investment in your financial journey. The financial experts at Capital Credit Union discuss below the benefits you will enjoy as a Capital Credit Union member.

Benefits of Being a Capital Credit Union Member

Joining Capital Credit Union in northeast Wisconsin means you can reap the benefits of joining a local not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution. That means any profits made at Capital Credit Union go back to our members, rather than to shareholders, as at for-profit institutions. By returning profits to members, we can offer more competitive interest rates and fewer and lower fees for loans, bank accounts, and so forth. As a member of a credit union, you will also benefit from personalized one-on-one customer service by local people with your best interests in mind.

Being a part of your local community as Capital Credit Union gives back through outreach programs, charitable donations, and offering financial education to members and the community. Explore our free online financial education blog posts or take one of our financial courses. As a credit union, we are focused on the overall financial wellness of our members and are here to provide the information you need.

Types of Capital Checking Accounts

Another added bonus to joining Capital Credit Union by opening a Capital checking account is you get to choose what type of account best suits your personal needs. Capital offers several types of checking accounts to pick from, each with its own unique benefits. Read on to learn more about each account.

1. Cha Ching™

With the Cha Ching checking account option, you will benefit from having the highest available earnings percentages on your money, with no monthly service fee and no minimum required account balance. With a minimum opening deposit of just $1 and with a few simple actions completed every month, you will benefit from earning back money while you are out living your best life.

All you need is a direct deposit of at least $400 a month, to use your debit card to complete a purchase transaction of at least $5 for a minimum of 12 times each month, and to sign up to receive eStatements each month, and you will be able to earn the most cash back on the money in your account. You will also be reimbursed for any ATM fees up to $15 a month and have access to the digital banking platform, which includes online bill pay. Cha Ching checking account holders also receive a discount on loans. You can even decide to opt-in to receive overdraft protection, but that’s your choice.

2. MyMedia

For those Capital members who enjoy streaming music, movies, and TV shows from some of the leading online streaming services, such as Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Apple, or Amazon, opening a MyMedia checking account may be the perfect checking account option for you. To qualify for a MyMedia checking account, you only need to agree to receive free eStatements and make a minimum of 12 debit card transactions each month for at least $5. If you miss one month and don’t make enough debits, you can just try again next month.

With a MyMedia Capital checking account, you receive up to a $5 credit toward downloads with Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Apple, or Amazon each month. You also get up to a $10 credit toward ATM fees each month. Plus, you get a one-time download credit for up to $15 at signup.

You only need one dollar to open a MyMedia checking account. You will benefit from no monthly service fees, and there is no minimum balance required. With a MyMedia checking account, you get the added bonus of overdraft protection included with your checking account.

3. MyMoney

With a MyMoney Capital checking account, you can earn 4 percent cashback on your debit card purchases, putting money right back into your pocket. If you carry a monthly balance of up to $4,999.99, you can earn cash back on up to $100, meaning you get $4 a month back. If you carry a monthly balance of $5,000 or more, you can earn up to $10 cashback on your purchases each month, for doing nothing extra.

To qualify, you must make a minimum of 12 debit card purchases of at least $5 each month, receive free eStatements, and have an ACH direct deposit of at least $400 each month.

4. MyChoice

MyChoice checking accounts are perfect for those who prefer to have options. You can pay a monthly fee of up to $8 or decide what features you would like to use to minimize your monthly fee. If you decide to sign up for free eStatements, make enough debit card transactions, or sign up for direct deposit, you can reduce or completely eliminate the monthly fee. The choice is yours.

Whatever your goals are, we have a Capital checking account option for you. We’ll help you protect your money while offering some amazing benefits. Contact Capital Credit Union today to open your account.

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