Your Words Part 3: The Unexpected

As you may know from the previous two parts in this series, I recently set out to hear more from our members by asking for opinions on Facebook, with a little help from a Target gift card as a reward for one lucky person.  We also get member feedback through survey comments, messages that are called in or sent through our website, or online reviews, but I wanted to try something new to hear what our members had to say. So now here we are, on the final piece of the series: the unexpected.Part 3: The Unexpected Capital Off the Cuff

There were some pretty great comments on what we can do to improve. One of my personal favorites was to have dog treats available for our furry members. As a dog mom, I take my pup everywhere I can with me and she loves it when they have treats for her. The good news is, just like our drive-thrus have suckers for the humans, they also have dog treats for the pups! If you prefer going into the branch, no worries, we love dogs even when we can’t see them. We will happily give you a dog treat to bring back out to your car; just let us know your pup is waiting out there for you!

I also loved the suggestions for popcorn in the drive-thru. Believe us, we love popcorn as much as the next guy, and as much as we would love to attempt to pass you some popcorn through the pneumatic tube (or the vacuum thing as it is otherwise known), we aren’t quite sure that our maintenance crew will love it so much. I admire the passion for popcorn though, and can promise it’ll always be waiting in the branch for you.

Even though this series has come to an end, please continue to send in your comments, thoughts, ideas, and opinions. There’s no such thing as too much or too little feedback, and remember that as members, you own the place.


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Written by: Erin Roethlisberger
I'm a Marketing Specialist here at Capital. These blogs come from conversations and comments from members, employees, or my own fresh-out-of-college thoughts and experiences. I'm definitely not an expert on everything credit union, and I won't pretend to be. I'm here to share some honest thoughts from things I've noticed. 
P.S. - I love my rescue dog Daisy more than pretty much anything, can solve a Rubik's Cube, rattle off some random architecture facts, or give you a pretty great homemade alfredo recipe. Also, Go Pack Go!