It's Too Peopley Out There

Off the CuffOh, Coronavirus. Every day there’s a new reported case or recommended way to keep yourself safe. If I had my way, I would choose to avoid people altogether…but life doesn’t quite work like that. There are some things that just require being around people. Luckily, you can add your finances to the list of things you can do from home. 

Online Banking
Yeah, I know, it has been around forever, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t remind you that it’s available. (Did you know that some people prefer to go to a branch!?) You can do most things you would typically do in a branch through Online Banking, like transfer money between accounts, make loan payments, and check account balances. You can also use Mobile Check Deposit to deposit most checks digitally, too. One more task that is people-less and checked off your list.

Online Applications
Most new loan applications and accounts can be opened online. Just fill in your personal information, let us know what you’re looking for, and (if needed) fund the new account. From there, one of our E-Services Representatives or someone from our mortgage team, depending on what you've requested, will reach out and talk with you about any finishing details. If you applied for a loan, you may need to visit a branch to grab the cashier’s check, or if you’re applying for a mortgage you may have to visit the title company to sign papers, but that’s all the face-to-face interaction you’ll have to endure. (We won’t be offended if you wash your hands in the bathroom AND apply hand sanitizer before you leave either. Be wise, sanitize.)

Virtual Appointments
I’m one of those people that likes to talk things out with someone, but I don’t necessarily want to go into the branch. If you’re even a little like me, consider trying a Virtual Appointment (which is just a fancy way to say “video meeting”). It’s one step closer to face-to-face without actually being face-to-face. (Back off, germs.)

The Virtual Appointment works just like other video conferencing programs you might have used. You schedule the appointment from our website using the online scheduler, we send you the meeting invite, and when your appointment time comes, you send the call request and someone from Capital is on the other end. You can call in using WiFi or cellular data from any device with a microphone, just make sure the connection is strong or the video may be choppy.

If the “tech generation” has taught us anything, it’s that when it gets too people-y out there, you can always head to the internet. And in this case, there’s a real person on the other end.


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Written by: Michaela Barribeau

I'll get the title thing out of the way, because why else do people read bios? I'm a Marketing Specialist at Capital, but I don't really think that's important. These blogs come from real conversations with members and employees or my own experiences (and opinions...let's be honest.) So, I'm not an "expert" at everything at the credit union, and I'm not trying to be. I'm just a person, like you, who wants to share what I've learned along the way...and hopefully make you laugh a little, too.

P.S. - My dog, Clutch, is the cutest in the world (don't even try to convince me otherwise), Luke's Diner will always have the best coffee, ewoks are cuter than porgs, and always remember to take some time to treat yo' self.