We're a Lot Like Fruitcake

Fruitcake may be the worst part of any holiday season… ever. That muddy flavor with ridiculous candied fruits on top of a questionable texture is enough to stimulate years of cultural disgust. Plus, it’s shelf-life could give a fast food french fry a run for its money.

There’s really not much going on for the fruitcake, except for the fact that someone always makes it. Johnny Carson, host of The Tonight Show for about 30 years, once said, “The worst gift is a fruitcake. There is only one fruitcake in the entire world, and people keep sending it to each other.”

We keep doing this to ourselves people. Why? Maybe it’s nostalgia or someone thinks that they finally broke the fruitcake code and will have something edible. It could have been a joke or someone’s DIY table décor that wasn’t meant to be consumed. It certainly doesn’t involve logic, otherwise this recipe would have disappeared as quickly as Haribo Sugar-Free Gummy Bears or Squeez-its.Fruitcake

No one will ever know what draws us to revive this bakery brick each holiday season, but we can give a nod to it lasting the test of time.  

The fruitcake may be a holiday symbol of hope and determination. Its endured years of scorn and young grandchildren spitting pieces back onto plates in front of horrified parents. Yet, here it is in 2020. It’s guaranteed to show up again.

At least, I hope it does show up again on your table this year. I hope you are able to take some time with family and go through those moments of embarrassment, stress, joy, peace, and love. It’s what makes the holiday season the worst and the best time of the year. It confirms we are human, alive and living.

We know the holiday season of 2020 will be unlike anything we have experienced before. Whether you are visiting people or not, stress levels will be high. (And we’re not dealing with the in-laws yet!) It will come with new questions: Should I get presents for Grandpa? Can we visit our Aunt in Minnesota? Will I be allowed to hug my nephews and nieces? What will happen to the Midwest potluck? These answers will be different for each person, but the point is - we are asking questions of ourselves that we never asked before.

While we’ve never been through this situation, we’re a lot like fruitcakes. We’re full of hope and determination to thrive through thick and thin. If that bread monstrosity can continue to show up at your holiday festivities, we can certainly navigate through the end of 2020 and beyond.

Our wish is that you are able to make the most of the holidays. And if you need us, we’re here, even if it’s a simple review of where you stand financially or getting a better jump start on 2021.

Happy Holidays and enjoy that fruitcake.


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