Visa Checkout

Click, pay and be on your way.
Making online purchases with your debit card just got easier, and a heck of a lot safer, too. It only takes one click at checkout to pay anywhere that shows the Visa Checkout logo. Nifty.

 Visa Checkout logo

how it works

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Set up your account using the enroll link at the top of the page
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Enter your Capital debit card information and your address
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Click the Visa Checkout button when you're ready to checkout,
enter your login information and skip all the forms

An easier way to pay online
We all know online shopping is convenient. But you know what makes it better? Not having to reenter all of your debit card and personal information every time you checkout.
  • Use one login from any device you're using
  • Visa Checkout saves your card and personal info so you don't have to fill it in each time you pay
  • Find the Visa Checkout logo on the payment screen and with one click you're done
  • Hundreds of brands already offer Visa Checkout as a payment option with more merchants being added to the list every day
Secure payments

Visa Checkout transactions are securely run directly through the Visa system which includes standard encryption and multi-layer authentication. So you don’t need to enter your debit card account information on multiple websites, reducing the risk of fraud.

Real-time purchase alerts

Optional real-time Visa Purchase Alerts offer another level of security, sending you a text or email any time a purchase is made using your registered account online or by phone. You can also sign up to get alerts with international purchases or when you reach a preset (by you) purchase amount limit.