Virtual Sunshine Welcome

It finally feels like Spring and there’s so much to look forward to in Wisconsin: plants in bloom, patio dining, and hopefully a little more sunlight to each day.
sunshine in window

With this changing of the season, we can also work on getting rid of our cabin fevers and prep for the summer to come. This is why we often get into the fad of “Spring cleaning” and enjoy tossing things out that may feel old, dreary and dusty. We are prepping to make the most of each day, but we shouldn’t wait until warmer weather to do so.
We believe in making the most out of each day and recognize that dealing with your finances, or coming into a branch, is often times the least exciting thing in your day.
(Maybe it’s even something that you dread.) That doesn’t have to be the case, and we’re working on new ways to connect with you, as you want it. Whether it’s online, through the app, or maybe still face-to-face, we want to keep improving our opportunities to connect with you.

So, we have something we want to introduce to you. Maybe you’ve already heard of our Eservices Department, but we bet that many of you haven’t heard of them yet. So, without further ado… What does this area of our credit union do? Well for one thing, they are available wherever you need them, as they are the crew behind our virtual appointments. Just… please don’t call them on the toilet, while driving or during other awkward situations. (Brushing your teeth might make it a little bit hard to hear you!)
two people on screen for a video meeting

These savvy individuals can help you in more ways than you might expect, and you can get your financial Spring cleaning completed right from the cushion of your couch. They can:
  • Set up additional savings accounts
  • Help you get loans without pen or paper
  • Sign you up for sweet services like ChangeUP
  • Work with you on questions you may have about your online banking account
  • And more! Simply, they’re just fun to talk to.
So, make the most of each day, enjoy the sunlight and get your finances cleaned up on your time with our Eservices crew at your fingertips.

Written by: Lydia Lynch

As a marketing crew member, there's a lot of variation to my day, but that keeps my job energetic and dynamic. Our department works to write these articles in collaboration with other areas of our credit union, as we're not the experts in everything financial, but we are here to help bring awareness and share what we know, with a little humor along the way.