Text Banking

With text banking, you can check your balances, transfer money, see your account history and get notifications. It's fast, and you don't have to say a word or log in.


two different options, too good to be true

Text Banking allows you to text us a few basic commands, and we'll text you back corresponding information regarding your account. For example, you can transfer funds from one of your accounts to another without logging into Online Banking by just sending a text message.

Text Alerts are a one-way text from us to you regarding your accounts. You can set up date, account, history, transaction and security alerts within Online Banking. As an example, if you set an account alert to notify you when your balance drops below $100, we'll send you a text alert letting you know every time your account drops below $100. That might help you avoid any unexpected overdrafts!

You will need Online Banking or Mobile Banking to enroll for Text Banking or Text Alerts.  Disclosures will be provided upon service enrollment.

Set Up Text Banking

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Under Profile, click on Text Banking
  3. Choose Text Banking again and enter your phone number
  4. Add the mobile phone number you wish to use with Text Banking
  5. Read and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions
  6. You should then receive an Activation Code to your phone. Enter the code and click Submit.
  7. Select which accounts you would like to access using Text Banking, choose a nickname for each account, and pick one account to be Primary.

Text Banking Commands

Send a text to 98823 to get started
  • bal = Receive account balance for the primary account you enrolled for Text Banking or for a nicknamed account. For example, if you gave a nickname to your checking account as chk you could text “bal chk” to get the balance information.
  • bal all = Receive available balance of all of your accounts
  • hist = Receive history with the last five transactions of your primary account
  • hist <nickname> = Receive history with the last five transactions of nicknamed account
  • more = Used with the hist command; when you text hist, it will return the last 5 transactions. To get the next 5 transactions, text more. Texting more again will return the next 5 transactions and so on until there are no additional transactions available on your account.
  • trans <from account> <to account> <amount> = Transfer funds between nicknamed accounts. For example, if you have the account nicknames sav and chk for your corresponding savings and checking accounts, you could text “trans chk sav 5” to transfer $5.00 from your checking account to your savings account.
  • nick = Returns a list of all your account nicknames

  • help = Returns a list of all commands