Swipe Right, Swipe Left

Swipe Right Capital off the cuffSorry, we’re not nearly as exciting as an online dating app but now that I have your attention let me explain that Capital’s Online Banking and Mobile App are about to get a lot more interesting!  We’re going through a major update (our Marketing peeps prefer that I call it an “Online Banking Refresh”).  There’s the old adage (and I may be aging myself here) “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  While the current platform works just fine, we feel we need to make a change in order to keep evolving our online presence and provide you with better features and greater security now and into the future.  We’re pretty excited about some of the new features that give YOU more control and flexibility to set up extra security, open new loan or deposit accounts, move money around, pay your friend for last week’s lunch, or simply to get in touch with us. 

One of the inconvenient things that happens with any major update is the amount of time the system has to be down in order to get the job done and done well.  In order to make this change, online banking will be down for a few days.  That time is needed to wrap everything up on the old system, get it moved to the new system, and make sure everything is working correctly before we open it back up to our members.  We know that’s a long time to go without immediate access to your accounts, we’re happy to help you out by phone or at any branch. We will have extended Communication Center hours during this time. More details will be coming as we get closer to the Refresh.  And any of those automatic transactions that are supposed to happen while the system is down—don’t worry, we’ve got that covered--you’ll see them in your account when you log in after the Refresh.

You’ve probably already received information from us and, if you’re like me, it’s still sitting on your kitchen counter…unopened (oops, there’s my car registration from two months ago.)  Please take some time to review it and watch for more information as we approach our Refresh date. 
Once you’ve seen our new app, hopefully you’re all about swiping right on it!

Written by: Karen Carew

I'm Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer which is a very long-winded title meaning that I get to work with a lot of talented people behind the scenes to  bring you the products and services you deserve. I love heading to the cabin in Minocqua and going to Badger games, if my grown kids can join all the better! Go Bucky! Go Pack!