So Many Lessons

We're all a little tired of commercials, ads and everything else saying we'll get through these challenging and unprecedented times together and find our new normal. The truth is, we aren’t all getting through this, together or otherwise.

People have lost loved ones, businesses have closed, jobs have been lost…others have experienced only minor inconveniences. There are those that are surviving, those who are thriving, and a whole mess of us in between. One thing we can all say for certain is that the situation has changed us. And we have all learned something about ourselves during these last few months.

A few staff members reflected on lessons they’ve learned and are sharing them below. Capital is full of a variety of people, beliefs and ideals. Perhaps you will identify with the feelings shared. Or perhaps you will learn something new about how people different from you are feeling. No matter what side of the fence you’re on, Doing the Right Thing often begins with simply listening…


“I need to be more intentional about the life I want to lead...

I think before, back in 'normal' day-to-day life, it was easier to be distracted from the things in my life that needed attention. Feeling unfulfilled in some area? LET’S GO OUT TO EAT! LET’S GO TO A MOVIE! LET’S DO A THING OUT IN THE BIG WIDE WORLD!! But recently, those distractions are much less accessible. I’ve been forced to look at the areas in my life that I should have been giving attention to all along. And it’s been a real eye-opener for me. I realize that if I’m unhappy about something or discontented in some area, distracting myself is only addressing the symptoms of the problem – not resolving the problem itself. AND SO! I am determined to give attention to the areas that need it. You have to nourish to flourish. Rather than distracting myself from the areas in my life that are out of alignment with who I am as a person, I will be investing time and thought into how to make positive changes in those areas…and then actually take action to make those changes.”

Department Staff Member


"I’ve learned that the human dynamic is an amazing thing...

And that every individual is very different in how they handle these trying times. I’ve found it’s extremely important to be open to the views of others, to listen, and to understand what perhaps may be a very different opinion than my own. Respect and caring take on an even greater level of importance.

I’ve also learned that the walls of my house shrink when I’m inside too long, that my yard can actually look good with some care and attention, and my family is more important to me than ever before! When someone says good bye with the words 'Be safe!', they really mean it.”

Management Team Member


"With everything going on right now, I have learned others' views on situations.

We don’t always agree on everything, (even with my own family), but I respect their points of view. We have given each other more perspective. The world is frustrated, stressed, and it hurts. I SEE IT. And moving forward I know I need to use my voice in a positive way to make a difference. My life has definitely changed from these current situations. I have found more inner peace for myself. And helping your neighbor helps your community. Helping your community helps everyone live a little easier. And lastly, listening to others isn’t always offensive. It’s learning and seeing others' views.”

Front Line Staff Member 


"I am saddened for our country...

as concerns that should be strictly health issues have become political issues. Our country came together in a show of unity following terrorist attacks in 2001 and now in 2020, we are being attacked again, this time by an insidious virus. Our country has not united to fight this pandemic, which has led to an unprecedented divisiveness in the U.S.

I am heartened, however, by the understanding and compassion that I have seen from our members and from my co-workers. No one wants to be dealing with COVID-19, but the people I deal with everyday have demonstrated a willingness to do what is necessary to stay safe and get us through this horrible situation. For this, I am optimistic for our country."

Department Staff Member


“It’s been a surprise to learn how adaptable I am to ever changing situations...

Whether they are work-related or personal, flexibility has become a new norm and being able to navigate has been a blessing. I know it hasn’t been easy for everyone, so I am conscious that I need to stay adjustable in my communication style. When others reciprocate this kindness, I think it’s an amazing display of human resilience and our ability to want to thrive together. We might not know how long this is going to last (which honestly is a bit unnerving), but we still need to find a way to continue getting projects done and enjoying life. I think if we continue to ask how we are going to keep helping each other, we can get through this with a better understanding of others, ourselves and how to handle difficult situations in the future."

Department Supervisor 

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Written by: Capital Staff

While the marketing department might work behind the scenes to get this piece together, it's been an accumulation of people's ideas, values and more. We didn't include all the submissions by staff - there's no way it would fit! 

We're human beings, just like you, and we want you to know we're in this together.