Business Savings Account

Whether you're making cheese curds or building skyscrapers, keeping cash savings is a critical part of any business plan. Easy access has you ready for any sudden emergency—or golden opportunity.

Capital makes it easy to save, and provides so much more. Because your savings account makes you a full member, with access to lower rate loans and a say in everything we do.


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What’s the Deal?

Here's a question we get a lot: "What's the deal with 'members'? Why don't you call us your 'customer' like banks do?"

Glad you asked. The answer is simple. At a bank, you're just any ol' customer. At our credit union, you are a member that literally owns part of the credit union; you have a say in how Capital operates. Obviously, since we're member-owned, we're more responsive to our members' needs than a bank is to their account numbers, er, we mean customers.

Becoming a member is simple. If you live or work in our membership area,* you can join. That's different than catering to customers from anywhere and everywhere like the megabanks do. Nothing against the good folks of Ohio or Maine or wherever, but we're committed to serving our members locally. We invest our full efforts and funds to supporting families and building local businesses right here at home.

Think of it like this. Your aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters are all members of your family. Not customers of your family. It's the same way at Capital Credit Union.

So, yeah. We think it's a big deal to call you our "member." Because we're all in this together.