Online Banking Refresh

We're refreshing our Online and Mobile Banking February 5, 2020!
This page is the hub for information you'll want to know related to the Refresh from registration instructions to information about new features. Take a look around and if you have any questions along the way, give us a call, stop into a branch, or contact us online and we'll talk you through it.

We've extended our hours around the Refresh date to assist you during Online Banking downtime (2/3-2/5 at 12pm) and to answer questions once the Refresh is live. Don't forget to check out the Extended Hours schedule! 
We’re not going to beat around the bush...
There will be a couple days of Online & Mobile Banking downtime as we work to launch the Refresh. The good news is this is not affecting our core processing system in any way, and you’ll still be able to make transactions and access your accounts at any branch or by calling into our Communication Center. Our ATMs, debit cards, and credit cards will also be available for use.
After the Refresh
We’ll not only have extended hours available with our Communication Center for the first two weeks, and we'll also have 24/7 call center assistance available for Online Banking related questions for the first month. Call in using our regular phone number listed below, and follow the prompt for Online Banking assistance.

Fri 1/31 Sat 2/1 Sun 2/2 Mon 2/3 Tues 2/4 Wed 2/5
Online & Mobile Banking
No Bill Pay after 4pm
No Bill Pay
No Bill Pay
Unavailable Available
after noon
Communication Center
Closed Available
Online Banking Refresh Assistance
Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Available
after noon
Regular Hours Regular Hours Closed Regular Hours Regular Hours Regular Hours
Debit/Credit Cards & ATMs
Always available Always available Always available Always available Always available Always available

Contact Us

  • Stop into any of our branch locations
  • Call us at 920-494-2828 or 800-728-4294
  • Fill out an online form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible


New setup required
You can register for the refreshed Online Banking on your computer or mobile device. We've listed the basic steps below. If you have any questions along the way, check out the Online Banking Registration page for detailed instructions and a video of the process. If you would prefer to talk to one of us, you can always give us a call or stop into a branch and we'll walk you through it.

Enter your User ID and password.
Verify your identity via call, text, or using security questions.
Reuse or choose a new password.
Choose new security questions.
Read and accept the Online and Mobile Banking Agreement.
You're in!


Look for the red icon
Make sure your mobile app has been updated to show the red logo icon! If you aren't sure how to update your app, check out our Mobile App Update page for troubleshooting resources. 
Now that you're in, here are a few other notable items.


You'll want to go into the Estatement page in Online Banking to accept the updated agreement if you would like to continue receiving documents from Capital electronically. (This is especially important if you're a Relevant Checking account holder! Don't forget Estatements are one of the qualifications for rewards.) You can find more information on what types of documents are included in the new agreement on the Estatement Refresh page.


To use Bill Pay after the Refresh, you will need to accept an updated agreement. This agreement will automatically show the first time you click on Bill Pay in Online Banking after the Refresh. This agreement will also include a new product called Zelle®, which can be found in Online Banking under the Bill Pay section. 

If you have any questions about what information transferred over with the Online Banking Refresh, visit our Bill Pay Refresh page, or reach out to us and we'll talk through the details. 


In the past, if you had separate Online Banking logins for the Primary and Joint persons on an account, you could each set a different nickname for that account. You will still have the opportunity to choose one custom nickname for the account that works best for you both, so the Primary and Joint on the account will need to agree on what that should be. Any nicknames the Primary account holder had set up in Online Banking transferred over. 
The nicknames you set in Online Banking will now also show up in our core system, so when you come into a branch, our staff will know exactly which account you’re talking about when you say, “I need to transfer some money to my Taco Stash.” Because of this flow of info, when either the Primary or the Joint changes the nickname, you’ll both see the most updated name.


Any alerts you had set up in Online Banking before the Refresh did not transfer over. However, resetting your alerts just might be a blessing is disguise. It will give you a chance to check out the new alerts and see what might work for you!


If you have a Capital credit card, you might notice once you log in after the Online Banking Refresh that there isn't a link to make a credit card payment. Other options for making your payment can be found on the Credit Card Payments page. 


Coming February 6th

You may have heard of this offered elsewhere. Well, we’re jumping on the Zelle bandwagon. You can transfer to or receive money from another Zelle user instantly. And although we know all of your friends and family are Capital members (wink), you can use Zelle with anyone else who has the app – even if they’re with another financial institution. As long as your friend is signed up, you’re good to go!

 Credit SenseSM

If you’ve ever wanted to see your credit score without having it pulled for a new loan, or are interested in seeing what you could do to bump it up a few points, you’re one of many. And we listened. When the Online Banking Refresh goes live, we’ll be launching a new feature called Credit Sense that does just that.

 Pending Transactions

This is another one of those common requests that we’re pumped to finally accommodate! Yes, we’re going to show pending debit and ACH (electronic) transactions in Online Banking to help you break down the difference between your “current” and “available” balance.

Finance Manager

With the Online and Mobile Banking Refresh comes a refreshed personal finance manager! You’ll be able to manage your budget, add savings goals, create custom spending categories, and more all in one location. Finance Manager lets you keep better track of your cash flow than ever before.

Note: If you're using Capital's current Finance Manager, the information will not transfer over after the Online Banking Refresh. You'll want to download or save any information you would like to keep prior to 2/3. 

Q: What will happen with my account alerts?
A: The alerts you currently have set up in Online Banking will not carry over. However, there will be new alert options when the Refresh launches. Resetting your alerts just might be a blessing is disguise. It will give you a chance to check out the new alerts and see what might work for you!
Q: I have an account specific question and don't have the ability to call or stop in. How can I talk to someone?
A: If you have successfully logged in to Online Banking, you can send us a message right through Online Banking. These messages are a safe place to send questions that might include account numbers or other account specific information.
Q: I'm having trouble with updating my mobile app. Where can I find more information?
A: Start by checking our Mobile App Update page. We put together the information pages to help update the app on your specific device. You can also try checking the operating system version of your device. The new app only supports the two most recent versions of the operating system. If you're still having issues, give us a call or stop in and we'll talk you through it.
Q: What will happen with my automatic transfers while Online Banking is unavailable?
A: During the two days of downtime (2/3-2/4), any transfers that you had scheduled through Online Banking that are moving funds between Capital accounts will process. Any transfers that were scheduled through Online Banking to move funds to accounts outside of Capital will be processed for 2/3, but will not be processed for 2/4. Transfers that have been scheduled through our core system will continue to process as normal. If you are unsure how your automatic transfer is set up, please stop in or give us a call and we can check for you.