No Stupid Questions, No Stupid Answers

Off the Cuff - Question marks on treesYou and I would probably agree that no one can be an expert at everything in the world, and everyone looks to an expert for help or advice at some point in their lives. Yeah, you could turn to Google for an answer, and the internet is great for finding information…but sometimes it’s just nice to have a conversation with someone who can answer your questions as they come, isn’t it?


As long as you’re getting what works best for you in the end.

When I was in college my good friend Amanda bought a new-to-her car, which was a HUGE upgrade from the car with a hole in the floor big enough to stick your arm through! She went into her bank (don’t worry, she’s a credit union convert now) to get a small car loan, and came out with the loan and a slew of other “great” things, like a brand new super fancy upgraded checking account.

As you can imagine, Amanda was PUMPED about her new car and forgot about pretty much everything else, until she got her first checking fee. And then her second, and then her third…

She told me later that by the time the checking upgrade came up in the conversation, she already felt like the details of her car loan were so overwhelming that she didn’t want to ask too many questions. The lady at the bank told her the brand new super fancy upgraded checking account was the “perfect option for her,” and Amanda trusted that it was the best. Because the lady she was talking to was an “expert.”

Here’s the thing…she kicked herself later.

We’ve heard stories like this from members in all different situations, and they almost always feel the same in the end – like asking the questions right away could have saved them some headaches.

No matter what you come in for, you shouldn’t ever feel like you’ll look stupid for making sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into. Not only does it help you learn how it works, but it also helps you decide if it’s something you even want. (Because even if ApplePay seems like your buddy’s lifeline, it might not be the right fit for you. Especially if you don’t have an iPhone…minor details.)

So don’t worry about asking a stupid question. Chances are pretty great you aren’t the first person to ask the question that’s swirling around in your head. We want you to leave feeling comfortable with your choices. I wouldn’t blame you for not believing me…so if you want to, come in and put it to the test.

No stupid questions, no stupid answers. Promise.

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