Dreams & Small Victories

Everyone has dreams. Some peoples are bigger than others, but we all have something we’re hoping for. Let’s be honest, quite often, dreams take cash, and “extra” money isn’t always easy to come by. If it was you would have already seen your dreams come true, right?If we could just skip to the good part that would be great.

Maybe right now you need something that you can afford that brings you joy – and that’s ok! Setting smaller goals along the way to big dreams can often make the idea of reaching that dream less daunting. I like to call these goals, “small victories.” Because really, that’s what they are. You set your mind on reaching it, made a plan and stuck to it, and now you get to celebrate your victory like the hero you are. (For me that celebration usually comes in the form of a pizza. Delicious, affordable, cheesy goodness.) 

Victory over the pressure to spend that cash on other things, victory over saying no when your buddy says, “just one more,” victory over buying lunch at work for the fourth day in a row…

And before you know it, those small victories lead you to something bigger. The ultimate triumph – your dream.

Getting started is the hardest part. So here’s my challenge. Think of one thing you can do in the next month to get one step closer to your dream. (If you’re anything like me, shorter timeframes like 1-3 months work well.) Set that small victory goal and get after it! It might not be much, but you’ll be one step closer.

Instead of thinking that you’ll never reach your dream, trying thinking:

I haven’t reached my dream…yet.


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Written by: Michaela Barribeau

I'll get the title thing out of the way, because why else do people read bios? I'm a Marketing Specialist at Capital, but I don't really think that's important. These blogs come from real conversations with members and employees or my own experiences (and opinions...let's be honest.) So, I'm not an "expert" at everything at the credit union, and I'm not trying to be. I'm just a person, like you, who wants to share what I've learned along the way...and hopefully make you laugh a little, too.

P.S. - My dog, Clutch, is the cutest in the world (don't even try to convince me otherwise), Luke's Diner will always have the best coffee, ewoks are cuter than porgs, and always remember to take some time to treat yo' self.