Did we just buy the Death Star?

No, but we did buy The Ridge.

There are lots of moving parts going on at Capital Credit Union these days, and we continue to look for ways to better serve our members. Our Corporate Office, here at Morris Avenue in Ashwaubenon, was built in 2004 and was assumed to last us for 20 years or so. Well, we are currently packed in here, as well as at the office at Ford St. in Kimberly, and the Mortgage Department is outgrowing their space at our Eisenhower Branch in Kimberly. With continued asset and membership growth of close to 10% per year, we knew we needed to look at expanding our facilities.

Our original plan was to build a “twin tower” here at the Morris Ave. site and bring all of the back office operations to one place with a walk-way between the two. It’s a good thing we are flexible in our plans!  I live right behind the Sparknet Building at 1121 W. Main St. De Pere  (you might know it as the big black building with the red stripe) and drive by it every day.  I finally thought it would be a good thing to take a look at it, knowing that it was built very high tech.  I figured I could get some good ideas for our new building.  Well, one thing led to another and we ended up purchasing a very, very nice building for less money and more space than what we were going to build. 

The plan is for the new building to house many of our back office departments including the Mortgage Department, Training, IT, Member Services, Facilities, and Risk Management. We’ll be making some layout changes to the interior over the next year to accommodate the departments and will also be adding a full service branch with drive-up and ATM for our members.

Naming the building was quite the adventure, since we knew we couldn’t call it “Main St.” as we already have a Main St. Branch on the East side of Green Bay. Employees had some of their own ideas about what to call the building like the Death Star, Gotham, and a few others that I didn’t understand. Eventually, we settled on “The Ridge.” I believe it is built on the highest point in Ashwaubenon, and although it is not on Ridge Road, it is within a block of it. Keep an eye out for our signs going up soon. We’ll be keeping you updated as we begin our remodel and work towards getting the branch open for members.


Tom Young


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