EMV Chip Debit Card Safety

Your Capital chip debit card gives you a higher level of security when using it at a chip-enabled reader at the grocery store, retail store, ATM or other merchant. That's because when you "dip" your card instead of swiping it, a unique code is created for each transaction.

That's good for you and bad for hackers because they can't reuse the code. It's like trying to steal an expired password – it doesn't work (yes!).

However, you don't have the same protection if you swipe instead of dip, if you use your debit card online, or if your card lost or stolen. So here are a few tips to help you keep your card and your information safe:

  • Use chip-enabled terminals when possible. If you have to swipe you lose the extra security of the chip card.
  • When shopping online, look for trustworthy, secure sites with URLs that begin with "https." Or just use your credit card, which isn't connected to your checking account
  • Don't send your debit or credit card information in an email or via social media
  • Memorize your PIN (don't write it on a post-it note and stick in your wallet)
  • Keep your PIN to yourself
  • Verify your account statements every month to check for any sketchy debits (super easy to do using Online or Mobile Banking)
  • Give us a call at (920) 494-2828 or (800) 728-4294 or stop by one of our branches if you have questions or notice unusual activity on your card
  • Notify the credit union immediately if your card is lost or stolen