Member Updates

MyMusic Evolves to MyMedia Checking

February 15, 2017 - Rockers, crooners, metal-heads--all sorts of music-lovers grooved on getting credit towards their music download with MyMusic Checking. Now your entertainment options have been expanded. With the upgrade to MyMedia Checking you can get credit for downloads from Netflix®, Hulu®, Spotify®, iTunes® and®. Get the details about MyMedia Checking!

EMV Chip Debit Cards

January 24, 2017 – We're in the process of sending new EMV chip debit cards to all of our Capital debit card holders. All cards should be received by the first week of February.

The new chip debit cards feature a tiny microchip that encrypts your information every time you do a transaction, giving you a new level of security when making purchases or using and ATM with a chip-enabled card reader. However, be sure to review your accounts regularly and use safe searching habits to prevent online and other "card not present" fraud. Learn more about EMV Chip Debit Cards.

Update Your Contact Information

January 3, 2017 - When was the last time you updated your contact information? Because we use what we have on file to communicate with our members, it's always a good idea to keep your info current. You can update your info in one of three easy ways - click here to learn more.

ATM Safety Tips

  • Pull on the card reader slightly. These devices are usually not attached by much, so be suspicious if the card reader jiggles around.
  • Put your hand over the key pad when you are entering your PIN. Many times there is a small camera on the machine that is not visible unless you search. Fraudsters rely on getting information from the magnetic stripe on your card along with your PIN. If they can't get the PIN, they won't be able to use your card.
  • It is more likely that a skimmer will be placed on a machine during the weekend when those ATMs are not usually inspected.